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Moving Beyond Touch

The most common methodology used by parents to teach children about child sexual abuse is good touch/ bad touch, Stranger-Danger, Underwear rules etc….

But the problems with these methods are:

    1. Marking some areas of the body as ‘bad’ or ‘unsafe’ can negatively impact the child’s perception about his/her body.
    2. If the perpetrator shows pornography, or talks explicitly to the child, he/she will not be able to decipher it as being unacceptable.
    3. A perpetrator would obviously choose an opportunity to touch the child when no one is around. If the child is alerted only when the perpetrator touches the child, it would be too late.

So how can we call them preventive when the act has already happened?

This 2-day workshop will help to increase awareness of non-touch forms of child sexual abuse